I am Jen, Jen I am

my journey towards happy and healthy healing…inside and out!

warning, many eff-bombs

warning: this post is going to contain numerous eff-bombs!


Dear #dicklint,


Who the fuck do you think you are?!?

How dare you?

It has been years since we spoke and that did not go well.

It has been 12 years since you have seen my daughter.

You may share some biological connection but dna does not make a daddy.

Did you really think I would accept your request for facebook friendship?!?

Leave my friends alone! They aren’t going to feed you info.

If you wanted to be a part of her life, maybe you should have tried many years ago.

You will not disrupt her life!

You will not fuck with me!

You have no power over me!

Your have no control over me!

I will admit, at first I had fear.

Then, there was confusion.

Then anger.

Still anger!

Lots of anger!

I was paralyzed with the swirl of emotions.

They hit me so hard.

so fast.

So, all at once.

I was in a tornado.

Trapped in the swirl.

Paralyzed by it all, but mostly the anger.

Still the anger is present.

I am trying to breathe but it is hard.

Today, I take a stand!

Yesterday, I made it to the gym and I lifted heavy weights.

Lifting heavy weights, I focused on the strength I have gained.

I am not the same scared little 22 year old who left you and your abuse.

I am stronger.


But I can thank you.

You pushed me to gain strength.

You pushed me to be a better person (it wasn’t hard, I just needed you out of our life).

Full circle.

You can’t hurt me anymore.

I will NOT allow you to hurt my little girl.

I am strong!

I am in control.

You, are a pathetic excuse for a man!

However, I must thank you.

You taught me to trust myself.

and you gave me the greatest gift, but you can’t have her back.

So, NO, I will not be your facebook friend.

Are you that fucking dumb that you thought I would?!?


Fuck you and goodbye!



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2 thoughts on “warning, many eff-bombs

  1. Gotcha! But don’t give him the power for any of your decisions…you are strong because of you, not him or anybody else!

    Love you Jen….you are the better person, so don’t let him dictate anything!!!!

  2. I love you and your incredible bad ass self.

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