I am Jen, Jen I am

my journey towards happy and healthy healing…inside and out!

just the plans, week of april 1, 2012


Sunday: Paella

Monday: Beefaroni (my own version using homemade meat sauce and green beans) and a salad

Tuesday: Whole Roasted Chicken, stuffing, green veg, salad

Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas, salad

Thursday: Hot Dog Casserole, mac & cheese, green veg

Friday: Steak, baked potatoes & salad



leftover paella

leftover beefaroni & salad

Big Salad with tuna & hardboiled eggs

Quiche (with salad or on sandwich thins)



Monday: WO B6

Tuesday: walking

Wednesday: WO A7, walking

Thursday: Yoga, walking

Friday: WO B7

Saturday, Sunday – housecleaning & active rest


Q starts track this week.

Big Man is going back to work this week.

This weekly plan and prepping the day/night ahead of time is going to be the keys to not losing my ever-loving mind this week.


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