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weighing in, #WW week 7

The scale: 

This week: 228.8

Last week: 228.6

Change: +0.2

Total Loss: -3.2

The Reaction:

Can’t say I am surprised. I tracked great in the beginning of the week but then I slacked off. I have been plagued with cramps and bloatyness all week. Every now and again, my body goes wonky and decides to give me hell. This week was such a time. I had PMS symptoms for 10 days. Usually I get 1, maybe 2 days, of pre-period miserableness. My last weigh-in I stayed the same and I had assumed it was period related.

The Lesson: 

I am so glad I came back for my meeting (I woke up to go to the gym around 8 so I went and weighed in at #WW before the gym. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go back for meeting)

Today’s Topic was Nixing the Negative!

This is MY topic! Seriously, I am great at cheerleading everyone else around me! I see positive all around me.  And I insist on encouraging everyone I meet! Hey, we are all rockstars!!

However, I am no good at cheering myself on. We talked a lot about this at yesterday’s meeting. Listening to all the women in that room was mind-boggling. We are all so hard on ourselves. I realized something sitting in that room. I have an almost-teenage daughter and I work with troubled teenagers and I HAVE to break this negative self-talk cycle that most women seem to have. I don’t usually talk bad about myself out loud – I just say the bad stuff in my head.

I am horrible at taking a compliment! So many women (and young girls) are terrible at taking a compliment. It’s like we have to justify that compliment.

random person: “You look great, have you lost weight?”

my normal response: “Thanks, but I have still have so far to go.”

so negative!

I am way too positive a person, to think or talk so negatively about myself!

I am vowing to make a change! I am vowing to stop the negative self-talk!

And I will start now with 5 positives from the last week:

1. I continued with my #NROLFW with  my #ironsisters – I have 2 solid weeks under my belt!

2. I moved out of the women’s only room and ventured into the “big boy” part of the gym for many exercises.  This has allowed me to UP my weights!

3. I LISTENED to my body – my calf has been bugging me so I sent my PT an email (and I also talked to a friend) for advice.

4. I followed said advice. I am stretching WAY more every day. I have given cardio a break – no stationary bike, no cross ramp (dang I love that machine).  I am noticing that my calf has been feeling a lot better!

5. I have made some really great changes this week!! I am so proud of me!


Magic Tracker! 

At my WW meeting we have a Magic Tracker. This Tracker is said to have magical powers that guarantees great weight loss.  I know tracking works and I definitely have my better weeks when I track! Anywoo, this tracker has been passed around our meeting. Donna had it last week and she wanted me to have it. I am not sure how she or the tracker knew, but somehow they knew I needed this this week.

I have been half-assedly tracking. I know that is why I have not had the greatest results! This is week 7 and I am only down 3.2 pounds. While I am happy I have lost something, I know I have not been giving weight loss the effort I deserve! I need to put more effort into the journey. Weight loss is not the only thing (or even the most important thing) in this journey.  All the healthy habit I will gain while working to lose the weight, that is what is important here!!

Tracking is where it all begins!!

Tune in next week to see what I learn!!



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