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The PT Files

I have been in physical therapy since September, with only a handful of weeks with no PT after my surgery. I have been steadily attending PT since the day I had my ankle casted; we started with rehabbing the knee because I was not able to put any weight on my ankle for 4-weeks after I had cast.

February 17th marked 3 months since surgery.

I have been working hard to rehab my knee and ankle.

Yesterday, I graduated PT! Doug, my therapist, and my doctor are thrilled with the progress I have made! My ankle is STABLE and my knee tracks the way it is supposed to track. I am not having ANY pain in either the ankle or the knee. In fact, the only “pain” I am having is in my arch area and PT says this is a direct result of the strain on my calf muscle. Prior to surgery my calf did not get worked properly because of the knee and ankle issues. This is also the reason  my right (and dominant) calf is visibly (and has been for as long as I can remember) smaller than the left.

Even though, I graduated from PT yesterday, my PT gave me two things to work on every day. He wants me to balance (either on a balance board  or doubles up towels or couch pillows) one legged to increase that muscle.

ALSO, I began #NROLFW this week. I am excited to be strength training. For now, while I am still building up the strength I will not be adding weights to my squats, step ups, or lunges. There will be plenty of time for me to add weight to these exercises. I am working the program but making sure to keep my knees and ankle happy at the same time!

I am excited about continuing to heal  and strengthen my body. Over the past few months,  I have gained a new appreciation for my body and what it is capable of doing. I may not be at my ideal weight…oh, who am I kidding?!? I have gained weight and I hate that I feel mushy. BUT, I am up for the challenge of getting stronger and seeing just where this body of mine takes me!

I learned a lot through this injury, surgery and recovery. I wrote a guest post over at deb’s blog last week all about what I learned.

And I am still learning.

And listening…

and loving…

and mending!!



Just because PT is over does not mean I am done working!



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5 thoughts on “The PT Files

  1. Congrats on graduating!!!!

  2. *\o/* congrats!!!

  3. Yay! After a few injuries (and associated PT) I learned to make strength training a regular part of my routine. I’ve been focusing on single-leg work (lunges and squats) for the past few month to address my nagging ITB and piriformis issue. I think it’s working.

  4. Anng on said:

    Im so proud of how far you have come through the past few mOnths! You are gonna do great and when it’s all said and done you are gonna be so stinkin strong!

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