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weighing in

Yesterday was Week 4 Weigh-in with Weight Watchers. (yeah, don’t try to say that 5 times fast) I had my first gain since rejoining. I had a “stay -the-same” but not a gain.  The only surprise about this weigh-in was that I only gained 8/10 of a pound.

I realized something.

When the nice WW lady has me step on the scale, she just tells me what I am up or down or if I stayed the same.  I never have to look at the scale. I never have to do that little scale-dance. You know the one, where you jump on and off the scale at least 4 times to make sure you have the lowest weight. I truly am using the scale as just one tool.

This past week…

I ate like crap.

I did not track.

I did not workout consistently.

I did not drink enough water each day.


So, a little gain is to be expected.


This week’s WW meeting topic was stress/emotional eating.  We talked  all about what stresses us and what we eat when we are stressed. We talked about things to do instead of eat when we are stressed.

Did you know….


spelled backwards is



It was a good meeting, full of useful tips. I would like to say I have eaten better since weigh-in but I have NOT. I have definitely been letting my birthday and stress about things I can’t really blog about (sensitive, work stuff) be my excuse to eat like crap all damn day.

I have plenty of ways to combat the emotional eating, I just haven’t used any of them.

This week I have plans. BIG plans. I am starting New Rules of Lifting for Women (#NROLFW). I will be blogging about that with my Iron Sisters – a lovely group of crazy biotches that thanks to twitter by way Shrinking Jeans I now call friends and sisters and sometimes skanks.

I will not beat myself up for the last week. I will instead focus on the week ahead. I am in this for so much more than weight loss. I am in it to be strong and healthy and physically fit.  I will continue to work on my recovery, because that is still a long road. I have many many #babysteps to take. Work that must be done. Work that is mental and physical, food and non-food, inside and out.

I don’t really care what the number is on the scale. My jeans are too tight to wear comfortably. I feel mushy and fat. and out of breath. and achy (ok, part of that is surgery/recovery related). That is seriously not about a number on the scale. I know all these feelings are directly related to what I am eating.  I have been eating like crap so I feel like crap. hmmm. I need to track and focus on eating real food.

I am hoping  that making a commitment to workout regularly…and I made one heck of a commitment…helps with the rest, including my eating. Those Iron Sisters are some serious accountability. Plus Kerry is my IRL friend and we joined the gym together. I need to get back in the workout groove. I tend to eat better when I am physically active. Sore muscles are good reminders to eat wisely.

Week 1 of #NROLFW here I come!

Better eating here I come!


WW Week #: 4

Total Loss: -3.6lbs

This Week’s change: +0.8


WW starting date: 1/28/12

week 1 (2/4/12) -3.6

week 2 (2/11/12) no change [period week]

week 3 (2/18/12) -0.8

week 4 (2/25/12) +0.8


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2 thoughts on “weighing in

  1. We need to come up with a workout plan!!! My week is wonky, but we will figure it out!

  2. Anng on said:

    Stressed = desserts YEP that and salty crunchy foods…

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