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so, I joined a gym

Last week a local gym had the deal of a lifetime….

an offer I just couldn’t refuse…(couldn’t help myself)

6 months for $99. Membership isn’t skimpy either. I have access to all 4 locations, all the classes, trainer sessions and something else but I forget.

I treated myself to an early birthday present!

Yesterday after work, I had my first appointment with a trainer.  Frank. I started out by telling Frank all about my surgeries and recovery.  He took me into the AOS (Art of Strength – kinda like what I think CrossFit looks like) room and started me doing kettlebells.  I alternated swings with jumping jacks to start. On the second round, I was not able to do jumping jacks. The jacks hurt my knee on the jump-out. Frank gave me some alternatives.

I wore my polar HRM (I am an ambassador and it is nice to be getting back to moving and grooving so I can use my HRM) but I forgot to actually start the workout. I was able to see my heart rate when I looked at my wrist, but I didn’t record all the data.

During my workout with Frank, every time I looked at my wrist my HR was up way high. WAY high, up at or near my HRmax.  I don’t know how much longer Frank was going to have me workout but he cut it short when after a round of KB swings followed by these pushup-thingies, my HR was up so high I felt pukey.


I gotta tell you, I don’t think I am ready for training. Or at least not with that trainer. I don’t really feel like I was listened. To be honest, I don’t think he was watching me the whole time.  And then the session was just sort of over.

Today, I am sore. Correction, my arms are sore.  My legs are ok but my arms are pretty sore. I am loving the sore feeling. I am still not in love with the trainer.  I cannot expect a trainer to know about my injuries/surgery so I can’t expect them to know how to help me. I have to be the expert on my body and since I still have more recovery to go through and I am the best trainer for my body.

Of course, I am going to need help. I have been reading New Rules of Lifting for Women, and I somehow conned  talked a few of my friends into joining me in a mission for strength.  I need this!! First of all, I just joined a gym. I paid for it, I damn well better use the damn gym. And second, I have gained weight I need to lose it but just counting points isn’t enough to make the kind of food changes that will help me lose. I need the fitness component. I know I feel better when I workout regularly. I am in no shape to start running….to be honest, I don’t want to run right now.

Today Trish, of I am Succeeding, blogged this:

“it hit me!! I have been trying to run a marathon race without ever training or running a smaller race first! I dive right in expecting too much too soon. Not taking things in a progressive manner.

So I am going to begin “training” taking things progressively and one step at a time, trying to enjoy this process and making life changes that are doable for me as I go.” 

I swear, I did a double take! I could have written those very words. I have lived those words. Hello…me over here, trained for a half marathon with only one 5K, that I only ran half,  under my belt.

I cannot.CANNOT. do that this time around. I have to ease into this so I don’t do any damage to my newly fixed knee and ankle. I have to ease into this so I want to continue doing it…if I kill myself I won’t love it…if I don’t love it, I won’t live it.

It has been a hell of a week.

I have been a mess. An emotional mess.

But yesterday I went to the gym and today I remembered how much I sorta like sore muscles.

It’s a start.

I am ready for the next step.

The next very small step!



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8 thoughts on “so, I joined a gym

  1. you CAN do this Jen! and I’m so excited to read that you started back with kettlebells! yay! 🙂

  2. Hey Jen! Thats exactly the way I feel too! I know I can do it for myself, but instead of trying to kill myself getting it off…I want to enjoy the trip,,,,learn along the way,,,see the changes,,,,maybe I’ll appreciate it more,

    I already know I can knock myself out and have quicker results, but i need this to stay and be comfortable about it.

  3. YAY for joining!!!!! I go at *least* twice a week, and just love it.

  4. Wonderful observations my friend! And so glad you got some kettlebell work in! But you’re right…you don’t want to overdo it and that trainer sounds…wrong for you. Is there another one?

  5. This is so awesome! What an amazing deal at the gym! I’m proud of you for being YOU and realizing what’s working and what’s not!

  6. Yay on the gym, but that trainer doesn’t sound like the greatest. You will need to take time to work back up to your fitness level, but it will come — you WILL get there.

  7. Yay! Proud of you my girl! Now let’s get my boooootay back to the gym too! Love you!

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