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WW, Week 3

I haven’t been posting a lot about weight loss here on this blog. Weight has not been my focus for far too long. Let me clarify, I will not make weight and weight loss and the number on the scale the sole reason for my existence. I  need to take some pounds off; my joints would feel better, I would breathe easier walking up the steps. I will be honest…it would be nice for my clothes to fit again.

Anyhoo…today was my third week at Weight Watchers. Let’s just say, this is the week where my bitchy frenemy shows up, so I wasn’t even thinking about  the scale. I knew I had tracked everything I ate this week and I had an all around good week.   But, one never knows how the scale will react when that bitch is around. I stepped on the scale with no expectations but I was pleasantly surprised with staying the same as last week.

Today’s meeting was focused on TRACKING.

Stephanie (my awesome WW leader) started out today’s meeting by asking us what our motivation for coming in that first day.

I listened to lots of worthy reasons.

My reason for joining WW this time: After this bout with injury and surgery and my general laziness, I have gained so much weight back. When it was time to go back to work after surgery-absense, none of my clothes fit.

And then my mom joined WW and asked me to join with her. It’s a nice way to spend time with my mom and learning. (sidenote, I really am loving WW’s focus on real food)

Stephanie then asked us about tracking! Whoa! The responses around the room ranged from anger and hatred for tracking to the complacent, “I gotta track” mentality. It was interesting.  She asked us to grade our tracking, with A being the highest grade and D the lowest.

Right now, I would say I am giving myself a B+ – I tracked just about everything I ate. I didn’t really track the healthy guidelines or feelings.  <At the end of the meeting, I bought myself a 3-month tracker and I am setting the goal of filling it up. I will track what I eat AND my feelings and hunger.>

Stephanie then told us when Jennifer Hudson was asked what motivates her to track, she responded, “Because I get to look like this and all I have to do is track!”

Jennifer Hudson does look good! And she obviously is happy with the way she looks.

I want to be happy with the way I look. I want to see myself as my husband sees me. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. That really isn’t a number on the scale.

The last time I felt really good with how I looked, I was not at my “ideal” weight. I WAS training for a half marathon. I was moving and grooving. I was eating well enough to sustain training in the middle to end of summer and I felt great. I don’t think losing weight will automatically make me feel better or be in love with my body. I think losing weight will make it easier to get moving. I know I feel better when I move more.

In the past, I have been the world’s worst tracker. I always start out with great intentions on day one of tracking but then peter out by day 4. I have been tracking online for last 2 week weeks. I bought a paper-book tracker because I want to be a little better about writing it down as I eat so I can make little notes. I will still used e-tools because I am loving it!

My Challenges this week:

I am preparing to do a little food experiment. I have been talking with a friend, who happens to be  a RD, about food connections to arthritis inflammation. He suggested I eliminate night shades (eggplant, potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes) for two weeks to see if I can get some relief. I really hate elimination diets and I always seem to want what I can’t have but this is for a greater good. If I can give my joints any help I will.  I thought this was going to be easypeasy but it is harder to just eliminate peppers and tomatoes.  I get paid on Wednesday and that is grocery shopping day – I will plan and write lists so Thursday I can begin the 2-week experiment. I like this experiment…in two weeks I either notice a difference or not.

I still have a few (two) more appointments with  physical therapy before I go back to the ortho surgeon for my 3 month follow up on Friday.


Anyhoo, I am hoping to be discharged from PT. And actually, barring any craziness of doc’s part, Doug, my PT, thinks I should be discharged no problem. Last appointment, I was feeling great. I started out on the bike to warm up and I asked Doug what he wanted me to start with, he said “cartwheels.” And being the smartass I am, I did the damn cartwheel. I gotta admit, I was a bit worried but I did it! And I looked good doing it! I got a big high-five from Doug and then he made me do squats. I hadn’t done them yet and it felt really good to do squats pain-free. I like squats as much as I do not like lunges.  Lunges hurt.

This week I want to add in 2 walking dvds. One Mile is enough for a start. So this is my goal for this week: 2 1-mile walking dvds, 2 PT sessions, and nightly icing down!

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4 thoughts on “WW, Week 3

  1. Great week Jen! Staying the same this week shall result in weight loss next I am sure!!

    Go go go!!
    You go this!

  2. “I get to look like this and all I have to do is track!”

    LOVE that idea. So simple but so true! I’m writing that out on a Post-It for my fridge. 🙂

  3. You can do this!

  4. You are doing so amazingly awesome! I’m so freakin’ proud of you! A CARTWHEEL? Girl you are my hero! You are rockin’ WW!

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