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working hard & need to recharge

It has been a busy week!

My husband has been out of work for most of the last 3 years. Occasionally he does some painting work with a friend and this was one of those occasions. In fact, he has worked the last three days and will be working tomorrow and saturday as well. This is the first stretch like this is quite awhile. We lucked out, because I really needed him to help me with the ankle and knee surgery and recovery.

Anywhoo. He has worked the last few days and that means I have been handing all the house stuffs. Painting is hard work and my poor husband is exhausted after a long day on the job. I don’t mind picking up some slack (we are good like that to each other) but it is exhausting. It makes me realize just how quickly one forgets what it was like when she was a single mom, working and going to college…aaah, the energy of a 20-something.

Work has been long and tiring. We are starting a new marking period at school and grades are due. The week a new marking period starts is always a loooong week. Lots of extra grading and extra paperwork!! The days drag.  aaahhh but it is Friday!

I have already had two physical therapy appointments and I have one more today! They have added new exercises each appointment. On Wednesday, they added in lunges! OMG!! I have such dread of the lunge. I can only drop my knee a small bit before it hurts and I am to stop when it hurts. I want to be upset about my lunge-ability but I am not. In fact, I am seeing this as a starting point. I never liked lunges, but I could do them, and now I am determined to do right by my body and slowly gain back my lunge-ability. I also started standing on one foot (the bad ankle/knee leg) on the bosu (I stood on the flat side).  I can only wait to see what torture…err…exercises they add on me today! ; )

I have made dinner every night this week, plus household chores, plus running errands (like going to the bread store, or corner market for milk, or the bank)…seriously, I just have become spoiled with my husband at home taking care of all those things.

I managed to get in an actual non-physical therapy workout. I recently received a yoga dvd and on Tuesday Q and I tested it out. {I will have an actual review of this dvd later when I test it out a few more times.} I had sore shoulder and arm muscles the day after yoga! I also rode the stationary bike at school for 15 minutes on yoga day.  Sore muscles and working up a sweat (during PT and non-PT) made me feel alive! I feel like I am back in action and it feels marvelous!!

I really am back in action.

I am working.

I am taking care of my family.

I am taking care of me (physically and mentally).

I am watching what I eat, adding in extra fruits and veggies.

I am feeling good!

It is amazing how I feel so tired and so good at the same time. I credit that with eating better, sleeping/resting when I need it, and moving my body again. I am growing stronger with each PT session and each day I tackle the steps at school. I even feel stronger for having tackled yoga…and truth be told, I have a new appreciation for yoga. My body was sore after one little 30-minute beginner’s dvd.

I am tired but excited.

I am also very proud of myself.

Yesterday, I was tired. And sore. I took a rest day. I was planning on another 15-minutes on the stationary bike and more yoga but I decided my body was trying to tell me something. So, I rested!

And yaknow what?!? I feel refreshed this morning. Now, nothing crazy…I still rather dislike mornings…but I am ready to face the day!


I have been very whiny the last few days.

But I have also been very smiley, so its not all bad!!

Bring it, Friday!!

I am gonna get through school and physical therapy today and then I hope to recharge my batteries this weekend. I’d like to say it won’t be a busy weekend but it is gearing up to be busy.

My agenda:

  • #weightwatchers meeting
  • super bowl party
  • yoga
  • walk outside
  • lesson plans
  • menu plan
  • food prep
  • clean something
  • maybe blog, it’d be nice to blog more than once a week…I have so much in my head, I need to blog.

Ok, do it will be busy but I will do plenty of recharging!!



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2 thoughts on “working hard & need to recharge

  1. I bet there will come a day when you will love lunges — because you will be able to do them pain-free and that will make you feel so strong!

  2. Go you!

    I remember when I was getting physio done on my knee, I was eventually having to do one legged squats… something to look forward to? 😉

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