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A while ago my friend, Colleen, had this Back 2 Basics challenge on her blog. It was around the holidays and I did not really put any effort into really getting back to basics. I let the holidays, my emotions, and my recovery give me an excuse to eat whatever junk I wanted. When ever I wanted it.

So today is January 15th.

And I am committing to getting back to basics.

I know I have gained weight. I have gone very far off the deep end. I am not eating all fast food and junk but I am allowing those things to creep in. I have allowed veggies to take a backseat and even become an afterthought. I have gained weight, I know because I stepped on the scale. Who am I kidding, I knew before I stepped on the scale. When I went back to school, I tried on my pants and none of them fit comfortably.

I cried when I realized none of my pants fit.

And I have been sitting on this for over 2 weeks. I went out and bought a few outfits so I have something to wear to work. I worked all 5 days this week and I felt good. Tired but good. I know the tired is normal, I am coming from 7 weeks out of school and still recovering.  But, I know I would feel better if I was eating better. I know I would feel better if I was drinking more water (sadly, I have been dehydrating myself because I don’t want to need to pee at school because there a lot of steps between my classroom and the bathroom).

So this week, I am getting #back2basics

1. Drink 8 glasses of water

2. Fruit not Junk (ice cream, etc)

3. Add in Veggies.

4. Daily Exercise


Simple tasks! BASICS! Not too much, just enough.

I am committing to basics!! I will be diligent in my tasks!!


Thanks Colleen, this is a great idea! Better late than never!! 


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4 thoughts on “#back2basics

  1. Im with you.


  2. Yep. Back to basics it is. More veggies, more fruit, more exercise. more fresh air.

    Less, sitting at the computer or tv letting them entertain me.

  3. Jen I have been wondering where you were! So happy I found you and girl I am with you! We all have our down times and our slip up times but we can get through it! Starting with the little things is exactly what you need to do. Just take one more step forward every day and it will start to come back. Don’t focus on what you were or how much weight you may have gained just focus on moving ahead. You can do this!

  4. I think you are starting in the perfect place! The more basic the better! I’m proud of you and I’m here to support you 100%.

    Go Jen! Go Jen! Back to Basics! Go Jen! (I’m shouting this like the cheerleading days of my youth)

    Love ya!

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