I am Jen, Jen I am

my journey towards happy and healthy healing…inside and out!

a LONG week

I made it through a whole week at school! 5 days teaching students the finer points of writing essays. 5 days of fighting teenagers into writing submission. They hate reading. They hate writing! Thank goodness they like me or I would be totally screwed.

It was a LONG week at school. I only made it through 2 days last week so it was awesome to get through an entire week with no flu, stomach bug, or respiratory issues. I was out for over 7 weeks and there is so much work to get caught back up on!


And I am getting caught up!!

One task at a time!


Who am I and what have I done to Jen?!?

I have let my blogging take a back burner.

I have let my tweeting take a back burner!

Every day after school I have wanted a nap! I even napped a few afternoons after school. I also made it to Physical Therapy twice. I made dinner once (tonight too if husband has any say)!! My body still needs a ton of rest. I am not fighting the urge to sleep when I feel like I need it! Last night I went to bed before 10pm. AND I slept until 6am.

I continue to learn while I heal and recover.

I continue to listen (to my body and what I NEED) while I heal and recover.

Or maybe I am just starting to learn and listen.

I put me first. I was a good teacher. A good mom. A good wife. A good PT patient. I was just good. Good to me. I took care of my body (PT and resting when needed plus moving while working) and I took care of my mind (actually completing tasks because I didn’t have 6 tasks going at once; I am a twitter addict but this week, I slowed down and focused on me).

It was a great…exhausting… but great week!

a great but LONG week!

After school and physical therapy, I am exhausted. I want to start to be helpful around the house but it is amazing just how much energy I need to do simple things like make dinner or clean a tiny bathroom.  I know this is normal. I am only 8-weeks post-surgery and it has been less than 3 weeks since I had my cast removed. And I had the flu for more than a week.

I may not have time for all my friends, or time for twitter, but I have been taking care of me.

I want to get back.

This week I really learned the meaning of baby steps and taking my time. I deserve to take all the time I need to heal properly. I deserve to not rush through this process (like everything else I do). I deserve to give myself every chance to heal…to be stronger then before.

so YES…it has been a very long week.

But now that I am back to school….now that I am in the early steps of physical rehab…it is so important to look back at a long week like this one and remember there were good parts, and the next one will be better…still long but better.





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4 thoughts on “a LONG week

  1. Hello Jen. This all sounds so positive: celebrating achievements rather than beating yourself up because you are not where you would like to be (running those half-marathons). A whole week in work, that soon after, is something to be proud of.

  2. Oh, I so need to work on one task at a time, Especially at work, but even at home. It sounds like you have your priorities straight.

  3. Such a great post! I can see you smiling through these words! Great job!

  4. I’m so proud of you for listening to your body and doing only what you CAN do! Don’t push yourself too much. You must heal properly! Your friends will still be around when you get time to “hang out” again! xoxoxo

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