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ramblin’ into the new year

It’s that time of year. Everyone is freaking out and making ridiculous resolutions, goals with gusto, and intense intentions.

I hate this part of this time of year! But to be fair, I love this time of year.  I love the holidays and I love the week between Christmas and New Year….even if I don’t leave the house. This year, I am even more emotional about this week. I have a loving family and they have been wonderful!

Back to the New Year…

I have never been good at making or sticking to resolutions.

I have always made the typical resolutions: lose weight, quit smoking, get more organized…yanno, the typical not-gonna-happen resolutions. Last year I did not make any resolutions. I just floated thru the year. I was training for two half marathons and I felt great.

And then injury.

And then surgery.

Now its the New Year and I don’t want to make resolutions. I suck at them and plus, I have more important things to worry about this year than the number on the scale.

As you all know, I had knee and ankle ligament surgery on November 17th.

The last 6 weeks I have been in full-on healing from surgery. Most of my healing has taken place right on my couch but in a matter of just a few short days I will be going back to school.

In truth, I have only just begun my healing and recovery process. I’ve learned a lot thru this recovery! Now that I’m standing on 2 feet, learning to walk again Im ready to see just where it goes.  Where I go!

I still don’t want to make resolutions but I do have one goal for 2012: the only GOAL for this year, is to make each day BETTER than the day before!

I have a goSportID bracelet and it says: “EVERY DAY IS A CHANCE TO BE BETTER THAN THE DAY BEFORE”

I have decided to swear off challenges. I get sucked up in them and I tend to lose myself and I also tend to not follow thru all the way with challenges.

I thought it best to swear off all challenges in 2012. I have enough going on!

But then I came across my good friend Jacq’s new blog post and she has an idea. #12in12 – right from Jacq’s post “Pick one thing to do consistently every day for a month (see below for suggestions.) It can be something new you want to try, something you want to get better at or something you want to see if you can live without. Commit to doing this thing every day for that month no matter what, even when you don’t want to, even when it hurts, even when it sucks. The practice is the reward. Once the month is up, you’ll start your next thing. You may or may not want to continue the previous month’s practice longer if it’s working for you, however, you still need to introduce something new for the new month.”

I have thought about this. Debated it. Decided I was in. Questioned myself – I did say I was not doing any challenges in 2012. Thought about it some more. Talked about it with a friend (thank you g-chat). Debated it some more.

I am joining Jacq in  #12in12 and I am going to focus on improving and working on one thing each month that will make me feel better.

I am going to steal my friend,Meegan’s words: “I pledge to be constantly learning. Let the process continue!”

January is going to be a rough month for me: I am going back to school and learning to walk all over again. For that reason, January’s focus will be work & ankle! Every day in January, I plan on devoting 30 undistracted minutes every day to school work and 30 undistracted minuted to physical therapy!

My body deserves it!!

2012 is all about ME taking care of ME!

Each month, I will pick a way to experiment with making ME better!!

How do you feel about resolutions and goals and intentions?


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4 thoughts on “ramblin’ into the new year

  1. I have to say, I really loved Carla’s (MizFit) post today, “No Resolution, No Cry.” And this quote sums it up nicely too: “Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” ~ Hal Borland

    I am, however, choosing a word for 2012 (just posted part 1) and I will announce my word either tomorrow or the next day…

  2. Yep, I’ve been making the same resolutions year after year for…years. This year I’m sticking to one word (Progression). I’m keeping it open, kinda vague, but positive. As long as I make some sort of forward progress in at least one area of my life I’ll have met my goal. Or at least that’s the theory! 🙂 Happy 2012!!

  3. lovve your choice for january – focusing on what matters without neglecting your tweeps completely!

  4. This post is exactly what I am doing this year. I actually just posted about this same topic. I think making month long changes instead of looking at the long term (year) makes things easier to manage. Also, making one small change vs several big changes is the right way to do it. Good luck this month. I think this is the smartest way to make those changes to make you a better person this year.

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