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a christmas eve eve meltdown

I am starting to feel like an almost-normal person.

I put on jeans this morning and went with AJ to run some errands.  I only went IN to one store – the music store where I scored really cool Grateful Dead pint glasses and a few great used CDs.  I am so excited to give AJ music I know he has been looking for. We finished the rest of the shopping….why do we always need eggs?!?!

Once home, I made two batches (13 mini-loaves and 2 medium loaves) of pumpkin bread.  Then I rested and elevated my ankle. Then I made my husband and homemade gift. Then I rested and elevated my ankle.

Then I did some dishes. I have husband or daughter drag a chair (our dining table is bar height so the chairs are nice and high) to the sink so I could wash up some of the big bowls I had been using. No big deal, I had done this about 3 times already. EXCEPT, this time I didn’t see a Pyrex dish. It hit my counters and broke! Glass everywhere!! Mainly, on top of my pumpkin bread that was cooling.



I was hysterical!

I had worked so hard on those loaves! I did almost all the work by myself… I was devastated.

I burst out in tears and just couldn’t stop.

Big Man stepped in and took care of everything- got me out of the kitchen without cutting my foot – because of course I was not wearing a sock! I went to the couch and just cried. AJ cleaned up the glass and assessed the situation and salvaged what could be salvaged. I wound up with 5 minis and 2 mediums loaves that had no glass on them.

I decided to salvage the remaining loaves. Since they were in the foil loaf-pans glass only hit the top – so, I cut the top half  off all the loaves. I am now adding a pumpkin-bread pudding to my Christmas menu. 

I am still bummed. It is hard to see your hard work destroyed. But AJ helped me clean the mess, salvage what could be salvaged, and let me cry!  In fact, he  told me (after the fact, when I was able to listen without more tears) he saw the tears coming. He said my bottom lip got pouty and he say it all coming. I have such an amazing husband!!

Ok, back to the work at hand!

Then I boiled potatoes and eggs. Then I rested and elevated my ankle.  Then I peeled hardboiled eggs. Then I rested and elevated my ankle.  Then I performed surgery on my pumpkin bread and put that in the oven to “dry out” in the oven (off) all night.

Then I sat down and it was almost midnight! I was very emotional.

Big Man said I needed to laugh so we watched “Penguins of Madagascar” Christmas episode! I love those silly penguins!

So there was a meltdown and a lot of tears.

But in that meltdown I realized just how much I can count on my husband! For the last 5 weeks, he has taken such good care of me. But last night when he knew I was headed for tears, he swooped in and took care of me and everything but never once told me I shouldn’t feel what I was feeling.

I love that man!!

and now…

it is Christmas Eve and I have a ton of little things to do!!

I have things prepped but still need to make the: coleslaw, potato salad, corn bread, breakfast casserole (will cook overnight in the crockpot), cheese danish, crabcakes (to take to mom’s for 7-fishes dinner tonight), pumpkin-bread pudding, and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods!





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5 thoughts on “a christmas eve eve meltdown

  1. I love how you say to yourself that you’re injured and healing and take life easy… Holy crap on a cracker, woman, I don’t cook that much in a month.

  2. {{{Jen}}} Although I am not glad that glass broke all over your beautiful pumpkin bread, I am glad that you had a good cry. Crying is so underrated in our society…and it is so needed. And when we don’t allow ourselves a good cry, all that frustration, anger and sadness sits in our body and festers…

    Merry Christmas love!

  3. You’ve got a good man on your hands. I’m with Karen, a good cleansing cry does a body and soul good.

  4. You do have an amazing man on your hands there. ((big hugs)) and love to you and yours, Jen. I love you, girl. Merry Christmas

  5. Oh, I can totally relate to your tears. My pecan pie got a bit overdone yesterday and I was so upset. My husband said it looked fine, but then he added that once I cover it with whipped cream no one will notice. 🙂
    Glad your evening ended well–pumpkin bread pudding sounds pretty awesome!

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