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randomness, its how I roll

Today has been a rough ankle day! I have not been able to get comfortable or if I do get comfortable I can’t make it last. I have my leg elevated and I have not done anything but tweet and watch TV today.

I have the attention span of a gnat…or about as long as I can stay comfortable.

Let’s just say this has led to some strange and random thoughts…

and this is where I dump them:


*I really like Jess/ZD’s hair on “New Girl” and I think I could kinda pull it off.

*I do not like MIO

*I want roller skates (yes, I am still in a cast and on crutches but I still want roller skates!)

*This is Dr. Oz’s Smoothie recipe; its 3-4 servings…It looks delicious – how do I save the extra servings? how long will it last?

*There is so much race/running chatter on twitter.  All sorts of people are planning races. I am sorta feeling glad to be recovering from an injury – the thought of racing (and paying race fees) makes me feel sick.

*I have no idea what goals I want to set for 2012.

*I am so excited for Christmas! So many friends and family peeps have been invited to stop by and share the day with us!

*My house is a mess and I don’t even care.  I have never been the OCD-type housekeeper but my husband and daughter have been in charge lately and we will just leave it at that!! 😉

*Even though I am having people over for Christmas I am ok with my house just being clean and not perfect. And screw it if my mom gives  it the over-critical look.

*Ankle surgery/being laid up for over a month and not being able to do much for myself has taught be to be selfish, more relaxed, and more focused.

*I’ve been thinking a lot about food and dieting lately.

*daytime TV sorta sucks – I mean how many freaking “reality” and judge show can there be?!? Did y’all know Jerry Springer is still on the air?!?

*I have spent a lot of time on twitter: people can be mean and judgey…not to anyone’s face…but they tweet it!! AND people insist on tweeting everything happening on  their shows. I don’t care what is happening on Real Housewives…if I did, I would be watching or DVRing so I can watch when I want…not when everyone tweets.

*I love my imaginary friends!!

*pinterest is an awesome way to store recipes & crochet stuffs. I like pretty pictures.


ok, so that is just some of the randomness that popped into my head today!!

I felt the need to share!

You’re welcome!!


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3 thoughts on “randomness, its how I roll

  1. It’s amazing the crap that is on tv! How do they get advertisers for this crap?
    I keep seeing everyone talking about goals for 2012 too, and I have no idea what goals I’m setting or how I’m going to meet them!
    Can’t wait till you get your cast off next week.

  2. What’s MIO? And I hear you on people tweeting about shows. It drives me nuts when it happens with football/basketball/baseball, too.

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