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do you wanna see my ankle?!?

On Tuesday I went back to my surgeon for a follow up. Instead of a boring post I am just sharing the pictures!! And a few words!!

Doc says my knee looks great! I had my stitches taken out and my knee feels so free! I started physical therapy on my knee on Wednesday. I will write another post about PT.

Doc is thrilled with my ankle! I have hardly any bruising, very little swelling, and my incision looks great! I am now in a cast and will be in it until December 27th!

I am not going to show you the pictures from follow-up surgery appointment! (you may not want to look if you are squeamish but there isn’t anything really gross about it!)


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3 thoughts on “do you wanna see my ankle?!?

  1. I’m glad you picked purple 🙂

    But I’m even gladder that everything is looking so good!! Heal on girlfriend!

  2. That is the worst torture device when they bend your foot! How are you feeling? Hows the swelling? I can’t wait to get my cast off! I hope you bought a cast cover for the shower,it’s a life saver! Feel free to email me,Amy.

  3. Considering that surgery was less than 3 weeks ago your ankle looks awesome! Purple looks good on you — not the bruising the cast! lol
    Keep on healing girl and soon you will be better than new!

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