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you deserve a recap

I hope you all follow me on twitter or facebook because I am a terrible blogger these days. I just do not have the attention span to write a blog post. And to be honest, I have been sort of hopped up on pain meds and sleeping as much as the pain will let me.  I have spent most of my time since surgery on the couch, sometimes sleeping and sometimes just wishing sleep would come.

So I will take you through some of the high lights.  If you follow the hashtag #jenonthemend you can follow along with my ramblings and daily randomness.


I have such a short attention span these days.  And I really don’t do a whole lot.

Proof is in the pictures, here is a slideshow taken on my blackberry of what I have done this week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See told ya, not too exciting.


Here is a quick rundown of each day for the last week:

Thursday: Surgery day.  I was way more nervous than I expected but I shouldn’t have been! Everything went smoothly.

Friday: a lot of pain.  I did not really sleep for the first 24 hours post-surgery.

Saturday:  dozed in and out on the couch, discovered online mah-jongg and words with friends for facebook has helped to distract me from pain.

Sunday: Finally slept.  First sorta shower.

Monday: napped in bed.

Tuesday: nothing exciting to report.

Wednesday: First trip out of the house. Drive-thru bank and pharmacy.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. I took a sorta shower, had my sister and brother-in-law over for dinner, only took one short nap.

Friday: Absolutely exhausted from entertaining and being awake for Thanksgiving.  I slept almost all day long!




Healing and recovering from surgery is harder and more exhausting than I ever thought possible.


Sorry I am not too exciting these days….but I just wanted to check in. I am going to need these posts to look back on. I know I have a long road to recovery but the end will be worth it! I am doing my best to stay positive – some days (some minutes) are better than others.

For now, I am headed back to sleepytown!


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4 thoughts on “you deserve a recap

  1. I’m so proud of you for taking the time you need to mend! Exciting? I think you are a rockstar!

  2. Wishing you a quick, graceful recovery. I have had 2 major knee reconstructions in my life (college soccer and a wilderness accident) as well as recovery from a car accident. I suck at recovery now after the accident – I get depressed and am not gentle on myself like I urge others to be. Surgery recovery was much easier but still a PITA! I hope you find your strategies to make this time good for you. I also hope your PT will push you to be better than ever. xoxo

  3. I agree with Karena! You are awesome! You are taking control of a situation and tackling it…most people would have avoided having the surgery and just sat around having a big pity party saying I can’t do anything! Love you, girl! Rest, relax and recover!!

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