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today’s the day and a giveaway (UPDATE: winner chosen)



KERRY, please email me your mailing address so we can get your FT4 out to you!!

I look forward to hearing about your FT4 adventures!  


I don’t know if any of you know this, but today at 9am EST I am having knee and ankle surgery. I am ready and waiting.

I will keep you all posted as I go!

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And while you wait for me to appear again, I have a giveaway for you.

I am a Polar Ambassador.

My Polar HRM (Heart Rate Monitor)  helped me LEARN how to run. I loved running, but I was killing myself trying to run and then I was exhausted. Well, Chris from Polar told me I was not letting my heart rate help me with my running. I was exerting too much energy.

No wonder I was so tired!

Enter  Polar !!

I wear my  Polar watch every day. I strap on the chest strap every time I run.


Polar is giving me the opportunity to give one FT4 to one of my people!! YES, that’s you!!

Some info &  a video:

For those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple.

  • Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate
  • Displays calories burned
  • Comes with comfortable fabric transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk

Still not sure you need a HRM? Consider it like a coach on your wrist.  It isn’t just for athletes, it is for everyone! Watch this video to find out why:

{Even if you already have a HRM, watch the video – it is short and SO helpful!}

So now for the giveaway part…

Leave me a comment….tell me how you will use your HRM…

Contest will close next Thursday night at midnight and I will pick a winner when I wake up Friday!!



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15 thoughts on “today’s the day and a giveaway (UPDATE: winner chosen)

  1. Love you, Jen. I’m thinking of you today and wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. (You don’t need to enter me in the giveaway because I won’t use the HRM – I’ve tried the chest straps and they make me feel claustrophobic. I’m weird. I know.)

    Much love!

  2. I’d love to use it to help my running! I hope your surgery goes well and quickly, and that you have the world’s fastest recovery.

  3. Barbara Davis on said:

    You are going to kick surgical hiney today! Praying the recovery is much easier than expected for you.

    I would love to try the Polar heart rate monitor. I’d really like to know what my heart is doing when I think I am dying during a workout. Am I in fact dying? Or am I just a big wuss that needs to push harder. 😉

  4. I’m thinking of you and wishing you all the best! Sendings lots of love and healing thoughts your way. {Hugs}

    As for the Polar heart rate monitor…I have wanted one since I learned about them at FitBloggin. For whatever reason I haven’t been able to get one {they were sold out at two stores I went to}. Anyway I need to get back to running, especially now with the stuff going on with dad, I need a tiny escape and why not do something good for myself. I’m very curious to see how a heart monitor can improve my running workout.

  5. Thanking of you today and for the next few weeks as you recover!

    I’d love to enter the Polar giveaway…I am giving the Couch-to-5K program a second chance this month, and I believe my problem is that I start off jogging too fast and I’m getting my heart rate up too high for me to recover during the walking portions before jogging again. Having a HRM would totally combat that issue…as well as push me to go faster/longer when I think I can’t but really can.

  6. jeep.jenn on said:

    Waiting patiently for you to show up on twitter…waiting for you to say it wasn’t as bad as you thought, and that you feel pretty good and know that will only improve. Big Hugs!!

    We, (Isabelle and I) are getting a gym membership and I want to get back to running. I have 40 lbs to lose, and I would like to get back into running now that the gall bladder issue is resolved and all my incisions have healed. At the end of November, I am allowed to start going to the gym again. I know that there are many people who need it more than me though, so whomever you choose is a lucky person!

  7. Jen I am so glad you are home and recovering. I am sorry you are in pain 😦 I saw that tweet earlier today.

    It’s so wonderful, that with all you have going on you are hosting a giveaway. I would love to have this, because I would love to learn more about how this would help me. Yes, I exercise, but don’t know much about heart rate monitoring. I guess these are the things I need to learn.

    Get well darlin! XOXOX

  8. OMG! You know I never understood heart rate training until I just read this. I am so intrigued! I want to try! But… it’s Saturday. Am I too late?? I think this could shed a lot of light on my running speed (or lack thereof). Wow!

  9. I’m so glad you are on the mend!

    I’m intrigued by HRMing. I’ve tried it before, but it was a major disappointment how NOT fit I was. I’m willing to give it a try again, though!

  10. You rock!! I would love a hrm to continue my journey of becoming a healthy grownup!! It’d be great to focus on a goal heart rate not just how I feel.

  11. Good luck with your surgey…wishing you a quick recovery!

  12. First of all, I hope everything goes well today!

    And in giveaway related comments, I’d like one it to obviously keep track of my heart rate now that I am working out from home. I want to make sure I’m working out hard enough in my living room!

  13. I have been wanting one of these. I would wear it when I walk the bridge.

  14. So glad you are getting the knee and ankle fixed! Love HRM’s…they really help me know how hard to push myself! I would use a HRM to monitor my workouts that I’m going to do here at home this winter! Probably gonna need to push harder than I think I will!

  15. i LOVE my polar and use it all the time. The one I have is a dinosaur (10 years old!) so I would love to win a new one with all the bells and whistles! 🙂

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