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getting ready, the lists

I have:
  •  cleaned most of my house (spring-cleaning style)
  • organized and super-cleaned my bedroom
  • washed and folded every stitch of dirty clothing I could find
  • washed and folded all the sheets and extra blankets
  • stashed blankets & pillows (so I can have 2 areas set up for recovering/lounging)
  • put away stuff I won’t be using for the next month (even straightened up the attic)
  • stacked books, bagged yarn/crochet projects, found all cords/chargers and put them in laptop bag – all for easy access for AJ or Q to grab for me. I need to know where things are if I want them to go & bring it to me)
  • splurged and bought myself some cheap jammie pants
  • cooked a few of  my specialties – I made a huge Sunday night lasagne split into two, so one batch could go right in the freezer (plus I have been stocking away some of my other specialties each weekend for the last month or so)
Thank goodness I had a 4-day weekend.
I was very busy!
It is Sunday night, I am still finishing up laundry and I am going through the to-do lists in my head. I am pretty sure I have the house in order and ready for my 4-6 week hiatus from housework.  Now, I have to turn my focus to school. I think I have everything under control there. I have a fantastic substitute lined up. I trust her and I have prepared my students for my leave.  That being said, I still have a to-do list there.  Its a good thing I still have 3 days to finish up.
I am keeping busy in spurts.  Keeping busy is helping me not freak out.
Writing this post made me feel a bit better – it helped me see all that I have done instead of all I still have to do!
I feel calmer.
For now.
I’m off to fold another load of laundry.
And make tomorrow’s to-do list!

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3 thoughts on “getting ready, the lists

  1. Let me know what you need! I am a phone call/text away! And I am literally 5 min from you almost every day!!!!

  2. Sounds like you have it under control. Congratulations.

  3. Lists make me stay sane. You are more than ready to go!

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