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the answer is…

So yesterday I blogged, am I going paleo?

and the answer is…

not exactly!


I am not exactly following the paleo diet but I did a lot of reading about the paleo diet and I was inspired. Everything I read seemed doable and logical. A lifestyle thing more than a diet.

Some of the key “rules” of paleo (in my words) followed my thoughts on the rules:

1. Veggies. Veggies. Veggies. I can and need to add MORE veggies. 

2. Lean Proteins. I pretty much almost always choose lean proteins. But there is still the occasional sausage or bacon. 

3. Some fruits. I have been very sporadic and random with my fruit consumption. 

4. real foods.  It is easy to get sucked into convenient snacks. 

5. no grains. I love bread and pasta and rice. I definitely overeat them. 

6. no dairy. I don’t really eat or drink that much dairy.  I do enjoy a yogurt every now and again, and I take half & half in my coffee, and I add cheese to certain meals. 

7. no beans. I was not able to verify the exact stance on beans but I like beans. Not sure how I feel about no beans. 


Eating paleo allows for a ton of options. I  researched and found several sources and recipes (I made a paleo page just to keep track of all the info and recipes I am finding). Would you believe, I even found a recipe for a chocolate cake.  Not a bad way to eat.  Eating paleo also has some drawbacks. No beans?!? No half & half in my coffee?!?

so am I going paleo or not?!?


At this particular time, I am not ready to commit to going paleo all the way.  I know I said the same thing yesterday and I haven’t changed my mind.  But I was inspired by everything I read yesterday and just how I felt today. I am sure part of it is all in my head, but I woke up ready to face the day.

I woke up ready to eat more veggies and drink more water.  I did not wake up like I was ready to start yet another diet.  It was a little weird but I woke up and just went about my day. I focused on making good food choices, adding in veggies and drinking water.  I did not feel the usual diet pressure to have some amazingly perfect day. I really must thank Kris – she tweeted me a link to her MORE post and it was that thought of more that made today different.

I did not feel some incessant need to have the perfect diet day.  I was able to enjoy what I ate, take the time to make good choices (prepping night ahead was also helpful), listening and trusting myself.  I actually enjoyed eating today. I was not trying to cram my favorite (and less than healthy option) into a crazy-low number of calories.  I ate when I was hungry – I even ate a yogurt for snack around 3rd period, which is awesome since I usually suffer through until 1:15 when my students leave.  For lunch, I had a fabulous salad which I prepped the night before.  Dinner was loaded with veggies -a chinese-style stirfry with lean beef, broccoli and snow peas – I had less than a 1/2 cup of white rice and added in raw baby spinach (the leftovers minus the rice will become the topping for my salad in today’s lunch).  After dinner, must have “dessert” was a banana “whip” – because I love dessert!

I managed to drink 64 ounces of water!!  That may not seem like a lot but with the ankle and knee injury I had a built in excuse not to drink my water and I used it. I mean com’on, who wants to go up and down all those school steps  when it freaking hurts.  I still have same issue but I have to make it work. In less than two weeks, I will still need to drink water but I will be on crutches – better to get used to it now.  So 64 ounces is probably about 40 ounces more than I have been getting regularly.

I hope today is just as great!

I have a few “tricks” I am going to keep in my bag (you know us teachers always have a bag of tricks).

1. More – more veggies (I will eat a veg with every meal), more water (I will sneak in a glass of water before my first morning coffee and sip between each class), more good stuffs.

2. Apples – “Am I hungry enough to eat an apple?” I recently heard about this little trick, if I think I am hungry and I want a quick snack I will ask myself if I am hungry enough to eat an apple.  I think asking myself this will give me just the pause to think about what I am eating and why.

3.  I will plan the night ahead – I will pack my lunch, plan my breakfast, and plan for an emergency snack. I tend to not use my back-up plan but when I don’t have one I am always wanting it.


I will add to my tricks.

I will tweak my diet until I get it where I want it.

I will listen to my body and hunger cues (right now I am just working on learning to listen and actually hearing a hunger cue).

I will love myself as I go through this process.

I will be kind and I will love myself.

I will learn food is not meant to punish or reward.

I will learn what foods make me feel the best.

We will see just what that means…



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6 thoughts on “the answer is…

  1. Sounds like a great approach! I’ve been slacking on the water and it’s amazing how much of a difference that particular “more” can make!

  2. Barbara Davis on said:

    Drinking water helps. Even simply avoiding all extra sugar can make a tremendous impact on your appetite.

  3. This sounds like a healthy, well-rounded diet. I don’t understand the exclusion of all grains and beans, but I also haven’t done any research on it. I hope it works for you. ((hugs))

  4. love how you are making this a real change….not just another diet, but a CHANGE. You can do this! as for the water….think of how many calories you are burning going up and down the stairs especially while you are hurting (lol) “pain is weakness leaving the body”!!

  5. I know that there are those that swear by paleo, but I just can’t wrap my mind around exclusion diets. What I DO love is that it’s making you think about what and how you are eating, and that I can get behind 100%. I hope you find a happy middle ground that works for you!

  6. I love this post. You are going to feel great doing this. My girlfriend is totally paleo and loves it.

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