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am I going paleo?

A lot has been going through my head these past few weeks. The closer I get to surgery the more anxiety…my brain is in overdrive…there is much to do before surgery. I have allowed anxiety to be my permission slip to a junk food field trip.  While I know I need to feel my emotions, I also know, for me, I need to have an eating plan that will not let me slip into (un)comfortable patterns. Having some clear cut eating/food guidelines helps me stay in control.

For once, I am looking at everything. I am working on my mental and physical state.  There is a cycle at work here: I’m stressed/anxious/nervous/worried/(fill-in-the-blank-emotion) and I eat “crap” and then I feel worse and then I eat more crap….and the cycle continues. My clothes are tight but worse, my skin feels tight. My emotions are working overtime but I am working on feeling those emotions and working through them.

Just today, I had a long conversation with my husband. We talk all the time so that is nothing new, but the topic of conversation…well, that was new. I told him how I was feeling about surgery – not just the to-do list of things to be done before my surgery but how I was feeling about it – nervous/stressed/anxious. Big Man looked at me and simply said, “everything will be just fine. We will handle this like we handle everything else: together.” Damn! I love that man. He always has my back and he always know just how to handle me (and my emotions)!

I even told Big Man how I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my own skin and how my clothes were feeling tight. Usually, I keep that stuff to myself (well, to myself and anyone who will listen on twitter). He asked me what I wanted to do about it and I answered him honestly. I told him I needed to control my emotional eating and I needed to have a plan to do it. Guess what?!? Big Man says he is ready to make some changes too. He is also feeling uncomfortable in his clothes. He is a stubborn man, so I jumped at this opportunity.

A friend has recently advised me to up my protein intake ….it is said to be helpful in post-surgery recovery. Another friend suggested I look at the Paleo Diet. I researched online and I even grabbed a paleo book from the library. I shared some info with Big Man and he was interested…to a point. Some of his hesitations are valid: for example, we just stocked the house with certain foods that are not “bad” foods but not paleo but I refuse to just throw food away.

We talked. We decided.

We are going to break into Paleo slowly.  We have worked too hard to keep our budget under control. Currently,  we only have my salary to live on and that means throwing perfectly good food away or not eating what we have is not an option. Then there is  my surgery (in like 10 days) and then a week later, Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving we will give Paleo 100% of our attention for 30 days and see what we think. I think we will tweak the Paleo basics to fit our family needs.

For now, our BIG focus will be on MORE: more veggies, more proteins, more water. It is my hope that by focusing on the MORE, there will be LESS “crap” food and less “bad” choices.


This week’s menu:

Monday: Beef & Broccoli over rice

Tuesday: Salisbury Steak & periogies & sauteed spinach

Wednesday: Chicken Stew and a Salad

Thursday: Pork Tinga

Friday: Chicken Parm

Saturday: meatball subs & salad

Sunday: Lasagne


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8 thoughts on “am I going paleo?

  1. I like your plan, Jen. My clothes are tight, too and I have not been planning. That must be what’s missing right now. Thanks and good luck with your surgery. ((hugs))

  2. I really don’t know much about the paleo diet and so I’m not criticizing it. For pre- and post-surgery, I think it would be important to follow a well balanced diet (protein, carbs, healthy fats) with a plentiful variety of nutrients from fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans/meats. If paleo offers that–great. If not, you might want to hold off until you are through your surgical recovery period. Just my unsolicted 2 cents. 😉

  3. peirogies….

    If it concerns you about the diet and your surgery – which I don’t think it does- I talked to a nutritionist before my surgery and she gave me the go ahead to go paleo as part of my pre- and post surgical routine.

    Sticking fairly strongly to the diet, I lost 10# in the first couple weeks post surgery. I know most of this was water lost because the inflammation is no longer there. No big deal. But when you’re rehabbing a weight bearing joint, every pound is a consideration.

    And – surprisingly- I think more clearly when I maintain the diet.

    We’ll talk, I know. But I think you’ll find it works for you.

  4. I love that you spoke your mind instead of keeping it to yourself. He needs to know this information! Working as a team is much more rewarding & helpful. It gets & keeps the entire family on track. PS…your surgery will be fine. You will be fine. There’s a reason all of this is happening. The lessons learned from it may not be clear at the moment, but it sure seems like things are changing for the better/healthier! 🙂

  5. Saw your comment on twitter and was like, Who wouldn’t want to read a post about your ass?! 😉 I love how you are framing this in terms of “more” rather than in terms of deprivation. More veggies! More big salads stuffed with yummies! More lean protein! More ice-cold water! (Ice-cold does it for me – love me some ice-cold water.)

    You can do this.

  6. jeep.jenn on said:

    I would like to do that diet too….

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  8. I love it when our hubby’s get on board with changing the diet. It makes it so much easier to actually follow through with it!

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